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1810 & 1890 map_edited.png

In 1810 the road mirrored the Parishes that Broad Town belonged to, namely, Clyffe Pyppard and Broad Hinton. Anyone travelling from Wootton Bassett to Broad Hinton would have had to turn sharp left to get up the hill and anyone travelling to Clyffe Pyppard would have had to turn sharp right.

By 1890 we can see the road as we know it today joining up the junction with Pye Lane and Chapel Lane permitting travel directly up the hill to Broad Hinton.


Two key events are likely to have influenced the new road :

  • Broad Town received civil parish status in 1884

  • Christ Church was built in 1844/45 from Broad Hinton Stone


Could the new road layout have eased the transport of stone from Broad Hinton?


The new road inevitably gave a 3rd option for getting up the hill and led to a lane affectionately called middle lane. Rapidly becomming overgrown it was demoted to a footpath, however, many older residents remember Sid the coal man delivering coal up the middle lane.

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